Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Major Changes!

As you may notice, other than my not having posted in some time, all of the posts I had are gone except my testimony seeing how that has not changed.

What has changed is my doctrinal position. I had thought about edited all of my posts to conform to my newly held doctrinal position, but it was far too much work as it would be easier to just do all of it over again.

My doctrinal position is no longer a basic evangelical conservative look at Scripture and the world around with a mean stare at some things. It is now under the heading of a Reformed Theology view.

And for anyone who says Theology is nonsense, let me direct you to some basic knowledge. Theology is the study of God, Theos meaning God and ology of any kind is a study of that word in front of it, and if you are studying the Bible, then you are studying God. *See John 1:1-2*

Now that that is taken care of, and yes I do know some people who believe that Theology is junk and nonsense. But enough of that.

Let me mark some changes in my life so you will better understand the new posts of Investments of Faith. I have changed the church in which I attend. I no longer go to Brownwood after some doctrinal issues with myself and the pastor of that church. To quote Martin Luther, and I am referring to the 16th century reformer not the civil rights leader, "I cannot go against conscience, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe."

I am now going to Oak Ridge Reformed Baptist in Oak Ridge Texas. Pastor Jess Larson is the Pastor-Teacher and Justin Tubbs is the Co-Pastor. Justin and I go way back to before our salvation had occured and we were both in high school, whom we both found each other again by God's providence to be both Christians and called of God to preach the Gospel.

This is all I have to post, also my wife and I are having a little girl named Mckenzie Michelle.

God bless!